The AR Denim Project
AR believes there is nothing that speaks to one’s lifestyle more than a pair of blue jeans. The wash, fading, holes, creases and wrinkles are all products of time, developed through the repeated activities of everyday life. A unique and individualized pair is forged simply by wearing them. Out of a love for denim, AR looked for a way to capture and tell the unique stories of our two cuts of Japanese selvedge raw indigo denim as they live their lives once they reach the customer’s hands. We gave a diverse group of people a pair to wear for a year, asked them a few questions, and will document the wear and tear the jeans go through. All the participants come from different backgrounds and work in a variety of fields, but all of them are everyday people you could see and encounter in your daily life. We hope you find an interest in the yearlong process that each pair of AR jeans goes through to earn character, driven by an assortment of colorful wearers.

Click on the participants below to see how their individual lifestyles
make a mark on AR Denim.

Curtis Kulig / Artist, Love Me
George Lewis Jr. / Musician, Twin Shadow
Josh Rosen / Co-Founder, Saturdays
Lester Garcia / Fashion Stylist
Mac Huelster / Co-Owner, Ice Cold Frames
Matt Johnson / Musician, Matt and Kim
Matt Sleep / Lead Designer, Converse First String & Special Projects
Sam Friedman / Painter